Choi Hung Estate

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For the sixth time in six years, I packed up my bags and moved to yet another new city. My new home? Hong Kong!

There is a real energy about Hong Kong; a product of its quick pace, hustling attitude and organised chaos. I am so excited to be living in this city and I feel like great things are going to happen here. When I was 19 I dreamed about being an expat in Hong Kong (like many nerdy law students) and 12 years later here I am.

Another bonus about being based in Hong Kong is that so many family and friends from Australia stopover to visit. It’s a perfect excuse for me to explore the Island and beyond with them.

With Talysa in town, we braved the 35 degree heat to visit Choi Hung Estate. This colourful public housing estate is a few MTR stops into the Kowloon side. It had been over a year since I took out my camera from its dusty cupboard. I’m so glad that I did to appreciate this rainbow kaleidoscope of buildings. It truly felt like the colours of Hong Kong were sparking the creativity within.

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